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Adventure being seen as new a way of life and the break from a continuous routine of a busy work life has been picking up in the tourism sector with a lot of clients demanding for challenging and refreshing treks daily.

We have organized various weekend treks for our trekking community and have ventured into Kayaking and Cycling with the support of our partners and well wishers carrying out these activities in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

We have been successful in arranging various Himalayan Treks and look forward to carrying out the same type of events in the future because it gives us a great adrenaline rush every time we reach the top of the Himalayan peaks.

Adventure option focuses on offering adventure activities across Land, Mountains, Water and Skies, encompassing:

  • Land – Trekking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Cycling, Camping
  • Mountains – Climbing, Expeditions, Skiing, High Altitude Trekking
  • Water – Rafting, Scuba Diving, Kayaking
  • Skies – Parasailing, Paragliding
  • General Interest – Bird Watching, Nature Photography, Rural tourism

Great Experiences, Campsite

Having our own campsite sets us apart from the rest of the adventure service providers. This unique campsite is a very strategically located 1 trek away from a magnificent waterfall and across a river with amazing views of the mighty Western Ghats. This place is equipped with permanent toilet facilities and water supply. Food cooked by the villagers specially for the camp dwellers and coordination with local management makes camping an unreal experience. Pictures for the same will be launched soon here.

School Children

Adventure Camps are regularly organized for children in the age group of 8 to 18 years and done generally in the months of April-May summer vacations or October-November diwali breaks. We strive to cultivate awareness about Nature and its Environment among the young future citizens of the world. An important function is to develop survival skills and decision making abilities while staying in harmony with nature.

Risk & Safety

Adventure comes with its own share of risk and safety of self, environment and equipment is of paramount importance. We strictly deploy certified technical equipment, certified personnel, and follow safety assessment protocols that comply to international safety standards. At OffTrailAdventures, every participant gives a declaration and is also covered under relevant insurance cover.